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Unit Material Handling Systems

Manufacturing Industry

ADWIK’s Unit Material Handling Conveyors & Automation team has a wealth of experience supplying conveyors and handling systems to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including automotive, Tyre, and heavy engineering.

Conveyor Systems

  • The right conveyor system can improve a line’s efficiency and productivity. In the numerous projects, which we have established worldwide, we have developed an unparalleled experience with any type of conveyor.
  • We offer different conveyors such as belt, roller (driven and nondriven) and chain conveyors, for different products, pallets and crates. Available in different materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel, as well as curved and spiral conveyors. If necessary, we will look at the integration of your conveyor systems to develop an automated solution incorporating “loose” products, racking or trolleys etc. Our wide range of standard conveyors can also be applied to a specific process and therefore, a fitting cost effective solution can be provided.
  • With the need for increases in productivity within this sector, we are constantly modifying conveyors and plant to reduce cycle times and increase throughputs.
  • The manufacturing industry is very varied and we have produced conveyors for handling every component imaginable within all industries. From Tyre and auto components, through to automotive, plastic, electronic and life sciences, we have just about done it all. This amount of experience is what sets us apart from the competition.
  • Our ability and eagerness to work with our partners within this sector, and to deliver innovative solutions under pressured time constraints, on time and on a budget is what we relish.

Advantages of our Conveyor system

  • Maximum performance: throughput of up to 2,500 containers, trays or cartons per hour
  • Intelligent drive unit: maximum performance with minimum noise using the three-phase asynchronous motor drive unit and motorized roller drive unit
  • IoT enabled system: tried and tested integrated system connects components simply and economically; intuitive full visualization of everything up to the individual sensors and actuators with our BIRDS View.
  • On Time Completion: Innovative modular system designed for fast installation and a high degree of pre-assembly
  • Quality: proven technologies ensure maximum quality
  • Energy efficient: maximum availability and performance with minimum energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance: easy replacement of entire modules and assemblies; stream-lined spare parts management by parts standardisation
"Designed & Manufactured  for maximum flexibility, Modularity & easy integration"

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