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Solutions and Machineries

Solutions and Machineries

Existing Process Overview:
One of the leading cable manufacturers in India wanted to fully automate their rubber mixing line but the roof height available was just 6 meters. They did not want to stop production to increase roof height or to move machineries into a new facility.
Need of Automation / Challenges:
The operators were are weighing the materials, so there was a possibility that operators skip the sequence of addition of raw materials. Also raw materials were introduced at the wrong step in the mixing process sequence. Because of this the mixed compound occasionally was not of the required specification and hence had to be rejected. The compound rejection was high and this needed to be curtailed.
Proposed Solutions:

ADWIK designed a solution where direct feeding of powders and granules was possible with the available 6 meters height. The powders and granules have to be loaded into hoppers above using special loaders. With the help of screw feeders and load cells on the weigh hopper, the correct weighment can be achieved and fed directly into the kneader.

  1. As per the formulation the system ensures the correct weighment of the correct material.
  2. Compound rejection drastically reduced.
  3. POKA-YOKE based mixing addition.
  4. Reduction of manual labour.

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