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Material Storage & Discharge

Material Storage & Discharging

Whatever your requirements for the storage and plant wide distribution of bulk and semi-bulk materials ADWIK Intellimech Pvt. Ltd. have the proven knowledge and experience to supply the system that’s right for you. From sack tip and bulk bag stations to daybins and external bulk silos we can offer our customers a diverse range of material storage facilities.

Our storage and discharge systems are designed to function in the harshest of environments and to meet our customers exact specification with regards to reliability, cost and longevity.

Systems can range from simple ripn-tip stations to automated sack emptying systems and sophisticated FIBC stations incorporating self sealing vibratory tables, neck clamp assemblies with interlocked access door and bag massage systes.

In addition to manual sack tip stations ADWIK Intellimech Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.offers a range of fully automatic sack emptying systems capable of processing up to 1000 bags per hour.

The sack emptying systemcanbe supplied with a simple infeed conveyor or with an automated pallet feed system.

The sack materials are emptied into a storage hopper beneath and the waste sacks are compacted and pushed into the waste bagusingan integrated screw auger.

Key Features

  • Dust free environment
  • Automatic Storage Level indication.
  •  Integration with the ERP system to monitor the current stock level

Preferred Industry Application

  • Tyre, Tubes & Rubber Batching & Weighing.
  • Brake Pad /Clutch Pad Manufacturing.
  • Industrial Batching & Weighing Application
  • Food Batching Application
  • Pharma Weighing and Batching Application

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