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Bulk Material Handling Systems


  • We provide Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Batching Systems that will improve the efficiency of the powder, pellet and liquid, material handling & Weighing process.
  • We are specialized in customised design, engineering, and manufacturing batching systems to increase the process performance, improve product consistency, eliminate product waste, and provide production Integrity Parameters, Work flow Parameters, Process Parameter data collection and reporting back to ERP system.
  • Batching & Weighing systems will also include complete mistake proof material feeding sequence mixing operations, along other process equipment and controls.
  • Raw material suppliers generally provide bulk powders in paper bag or Jumbo Bags ‘Big Bags’ (FIBC’s) of varying types and sizes, all of which can be handled, discharged or filled using our range of equipment. Our discharge stations whether they be for bags or bins are designed to form an enclosed system providing controlled discharge of material to the downstream process without pollution of the surrounding area.
  • Systems can range from simple manual bag loading stations to sophisticated Jumbo Bag Handling stations incorporating self sealing vibratory tables, neck clamp assemblies with interlocked access door and bag massage systems.  Both bag and bin systems are supplied with integrated surge hoppers providing a sufficient buffer of material to accommodate typical container change over times.
  • For materials supplied in sack format we offer a range of equipment from simple sack tip stations to fully automatic sack emptying systems incorporating capable of handling up to 1000 bags per hour.


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